SMT Stencil Supplies

Tom DeSisto

Since our inception in 1992 Four Points has strived to make quality, American made products available to the SMT Stencil manufacturing market. Over the last 25 years we have workrd closely with our domestic partners to provide suuplies for manufacturing SMT Stencils as well as after market products.


Supplies for manufacturing stencils: 


2-part Epoxy adhesives 

Polyester screen mesh 

Aluminum frames 

Meshed aluminum frames 


Block-out tapes

Hot tables

Stretching tables

Tension gauges

Foil storage racks


After market products:

Tension gauges

Durometer gauge

SMT Foil tension Analyzer

Polyurethane squeegee






Four Points


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Four Points SMT Stencil Supplies
Four Points SMT Stencil Supplies