Polyurethane Squeegee

Printer's Edge manufactures squeegee from the finest polyurethane elastomers available. The casting process used ensures a uniform material, without voids, and hard or soft spots. These solvent resistant grades of polyurethane give the screen printer longer lasting, wear resistant printing edges. All of our squeegee are shipped with our special factory sgarpened edge. These edged are the smoothest and sharpest available anywhere in the world.

Standard Shapes for electronics:

Diamond: .375" x .375" x 24.0"

Double bevel (Single edge): .375" x .750" x 24.0"

Square Edge (SE): .25" x 1.25" x 24.0"

Square Ege (EL): .375" x 2.00" x 24.0"

Standard Colors:

50 Durometer: Clear

60 Durometer: Natural

70 Durometer: Yellow

80 Durometer: Red

90 Durometer: Green

Made in the USA

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