SMT Foil Tension Analyzer

RST in conjunction with Four Points has developed an economical system to measure the tension on a mounted SMT Stencil foil. For many years quality assurance managers have been asking for tension gauges that will give them accurate results on SMT stencils. Since stainless steel foil has a much higher modulus of elasticity than polyester screen fabric, conventional mesh tension meters do not give accurate readings. The close proximity of the foil to the edge of the fabric prohibits getting true readings of the tension as well.


Using the SMT Foil Tension Analyzer will allow quality control personnel to take accurate readings on incoming stencils, and to check them after cleanings to assure that they are maintaining consistent tension. Readings should be taken in the middle of the foil only.


Measurements with this device are in one one-thousandth of an inch (0.001"). Tolerance is +/- .001". A conversion chart is provided to allow deflection readings in 0.001"  to be converted to N/cm. Please note: It is important to understand that these readings are considered to be a relative measurement of a given stencil. Foils of different thiskness on the same size frame will have different deflections. Foe example a 6 mil foil will deflect less than a 4 mil foil.


Each stencil should be checked for tension upon receipt. Readings can be taken periodacally after cleanings. If a change is observed, the stencil should be closely inspected for damage or wear.


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